Marie-Hélène de Taillac

"Color has always had a special place in my life. It makes me happy."

"What is amazing about stones is their incredibly wide color palette. When I choose gems, it is exactly like painting: when together, their colors suddenly come to life."

"Hand-made jewels are a source of constant fascination. They have a soul."

"Often, months of work, going back and forth between different workshops, are necessary to make a piece of jewelry. Only the final harmony counts."

"The jewel must be as beautiful on the reverse as on the front side."

"I always try to do justice to the beauty of nature."

"When a jewel is made in a traditional way, of almost pure gold, the more it’s worn the more beautiful it becomes."

"The charm of a piece of jewelry is in its fluidity. Movement catches glimmers, captures reflections."

"I see myself as a treasure hunter."

Quotes from the book Gold and Gems - The Jewels of Marie-Hélène de Taillac published by Rizzoli New York2019

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